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  • Benchmark tool for testing PC performance
  • Includes graphics and processor tests
  • Helps determine the capability of your system
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Product description

3DMark is a computer benchmarking tool developed by UL and released in various versions since 1998. The software is designed to test capabilities of your computer – the score achieved in 3DMark is an easy way to compare the performance of different PCs and measure their power to approximately determine what games and applications they will be capable of running smoothly without sacrificing too much of visual effects.

Professional Benchmarking Solution

3DMark is a professional tool that can be used to measure the real computing power of the chosen computer and it may be used for various reasons. For example, you may want to know how well your computer with currently installed components will handle the latest AAA games. You may also want to compare your results with other computers with similar CPU and GPU to check if your PC runs at its full power, or maybe it could be tweaked to perform faster. Or you may want to compare your score with a computer with a better GPU to see if it’s worth it to upgrade your current setup.

Test PCs, Laptops

The software comes with a variety of tests you can use to benchmark different types of devices, from simple PCs to powerful gaming stations. Find out how powerful your laptop with integrated graphics is and decide if it’s time to get a new one or will be able to handle the newest release of your favorite game franchise. Use 4K DirectX 12 testing and real-time ray tracing benchmark to learn the true power of your high-end gaming PC.

DLSS Testing

You can not only test the performance of your PC but also how well certain features work on it. You can, for example, test the Nvidia DLSS technology, which uses deep learning and AI to improve game’s performance without sacrificing its graphics quality. Use 3DMark to compare the performance and visuals between images with DLSS enabled and disabled.

System Stress Test

On top of other tests, you can also run a stress test to check how stable the system is under heavy load. It’s especially useful for overclockers as it helps them to quickly detect any possible issues and allows them to adjust overclock settings more precisely. It’s also a useful feature to have in case you built a new PC and wanted to make sure everything is working as intended.

Key features:

  • Use the professional benchmarking tool to easily find out the real computing power of your PC
  • Test a variety of different devices using multiple dedicated tests, such as the Night Raid made for systems with integrated graphics or the Ice Strike made for smartphones
  • Monitor temperatures, clock speeds, and the frame rate, as they change during the test
  • Perform a stress test to check the system’s stability under heavy load
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